Updates to Microsoft Graph and AAD Web API Calls from SharePoint Framework

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We are now rolling out new updates to preview capabilities for calling Microsoft Graph and Web APIs from SharePoint Framework. In earlier previews, a more limited set of Microsoft Graph permissions was available. Now, tenant administrators have new tools to authorize and grant additional permissions for script running within sites, which includes SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Via PowerShell and new portal tools, tenant administrators can discover and manage permissions that script has for Microsoft Graph and for enterprise applications. In addition, developers can add a suggested set of permissions into their application packages so that administrators can approve specific permissions as they add new SPFx components. This new administration experience is now available to First Release tenancies, in preview.  Along with this, we’ve updated SharePoint Framework packages to 1.4.1, which include new APIs (MSGraphClient and AadHttpClient) for calling into Microsoft Graph and other Azure Active Directory-secured APIs.  With SharePoint Framework 1.4.1, we've also added support for NPM 8.

We look forward to your feedback around this preview, via Github Issues.

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Any qualified guess on when we can expect the AadHttpClient to reach GA? In a month, end of Q2, end of year, other?