update managed metadata with PowerSell

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I need to update managed metadata column in a Document Library, SharePoint Online. I have following: 

-TermGroup CompanyName

-TermSet GeographicScope

-Term "Europe and Central Asia"


I am doing this:


Set-PnPListItem -list Programmes -Identity 1613 -Values @{"GeographicScope" = "GeographicScope|Europe and Central Asia|Turkey-TUR"}
this runs ok, however, the columns stays unchanged. 
Appreciate any help. Why the column is not updating?
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@jahongir abdurahmonov Is your column name GeographicScope?

Also I think the syntax for  the values is "Group|TermSet|Term1|Term2". 

So maybe Values @{"GeographicScope" ="CompanyName|GeographicScope|Europe and Central Asia|Turkey-TUR"}

@Beau Cameron 


Yes, column name is GeographicScope (without spaces, that is what I see on the library)

If I add CompanyName|GeographicScope|Region|Country then I get following error:


Set-PnPListItem : Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: taxValueCollection