Update existing ContentType using PnP Provisioning Engine

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How can I update an existing ContentType using the PnP Provisioning Engine?


Using <pnp:ContentType ID="0x01006FC4E2F5D9B05C4EAF4786218BB48123" Name="Demo" Overwrite="true"> leads to the below error. Setting Overwrite to false causes the Provisioning Engine to not touch the Content Type at all.


Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate : Another site or list is still using this content type. If you would still like to delete it, please remove the content type from all sites and lists and then try again.

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Hi @Alexander Auras are there items using this content type? 

Hello Federico. In this case there were no items using this content type. But I cannot guarantee it would not happen in future. 

The ability to update existing content types would be crucial to scale and to enterprises.
Any updates on this query would be very helpful. Can existing content types that are in use be updated?