Unable to save SharePoint 2013 Workflow on SharePoint Online root site collection

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I'm working with a client who is attempting to create a SP2013 Workflow on his SharePoint Online site via SharePoint Designer 2013.  He is able to save one of these on a secondary site collection, but not on the root site collection. 


When attempting to save in SPD, a dialog pops up and goes through the motions, however the asterisk indicating that a save is required doesn't disappear and the workflow is never saved.


Thanks in advance




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The root site collection in SPO is a "special" site collection that does not behave in the same way as regular site collections...I cannot try your scenario now, but I will definitively try it and come back with my results

Thanks Juan Carlos,


I thought that the root site collection might be special. However, I was able to sucssfully save (and publish) SP2013 Workflows at the root site collection of another of my clients who is also using SPO.


Have you had a chance to do any more digging?






Sorry Noah,
Not time to dig into your issue...do you have by any change enabled / disabled the allow custom scripting stuff in the problematic tenant?