Unable to run Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate command

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A site collection has a site provisioning solution which creates new sites and applies a template to the new sites using Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate. When trying to run this command now, we get the following error: 


At first, we were thinking that there might have been an error in the template file. So we decided to try retrieve a new template file, but then this command failed also with the exact same error.

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It seems something is happening with the uRL this is a Onpremm issue or not? do you use the latest version? did you try other versions as well?

if it stays a issue please at a error in Github repo

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Additional info for the error.

The opportunity to create Function Apps written with PowerShell is now gone after being an "Experimental language" for some time (in 1.0). Will we be able to create new Function Apps (2.0) written in PowerShell in the future?

We are suddenly experiencing more error messages in our previous Function Apps (version 1.0 written with PowerShell), could this be due to the removal of PowerShell in Function Apps version 2.0?

Hello Paul,

Thanks for your response.

It is a SharePoint Online issue.

This seems that a service is down in your tennant if it still exists create a tickets at Microsoft.

Regarding your question about Powershell functions they changed to function 2.0 and the powershell is gone. I would user uservoice to ask for powershell in v2.0

this blog from Chris will help you