Unable to install SharePoint Online Add in Error - Visual Studio 2015

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Currently when creating a fresh provider hosted add-in in visual studio 2015 and adding tenant level permissions will give you an "Your tenant administrator has to approve this app" message when pressing f5. You therefor cannot debug your sharepoint add-ins with tenant level permissions. 


You can of course manually install your app to the app catalog, approve it, and then run your web project alone but this does not work for the scenario where you want to use remote event recievers that are using the service bus. 

The issue is also discussed here https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/6f5e7ae1-cf24-44e4-a7ed-f6db4799344a/your-tenant-admi...


Is there a better work around for this?


Also deploying a provider hosted add-in now takes 3 min to retract and 3 min to deploy. Alot longer then a few months ago.  This makes it tedius to develop using the tooling in vs 2015.  10 deploments per hour. Can we expect improvement on this?

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To reproduce the issue.


1. New sharepoint provider hosted add-in (mvc)

2. Modify manifest security:  Tenant full permissions with app only calls allowed.

3. F5

did you deploy your SharePoint addin to a dev site or a regular publish site or team site? you might have to do extra step to allow side load if you deploy to a non-dev site.

Its a Dev Tenant where im using a publishing site with sideloading enabled.  So thats not the case here