Unable to find some items by TermId (SP Bug?)

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Hello, I have a library with a Managed Metadata column - 'bmmLanguages' - attached to a term set.

I have multiple documents with a selected language 'Korean' but some of those documents are not returned by the search when searched by the term id... It works only when searching by the label which is 'Korean'

Take a look what is returned when I am founding this doc by other criteria:


But if I will add a refiner with this term id I receive 0 results (no other documents returned because I am searching also for the document ID in the query text).


But if I change the Query text to '*' to find all documents with this language - it returns a lot of documents with this language selected - BUT not all...


I can still find this "broken" document by the label of the language:



Is this a bug in the SPO Search???



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At last I have found the issue. I had to edit this auto managed property and select the "Language Neutral Tokenization" setting (and because of the edit I also had to add the crawled property mapping). Now it searches by the id correctly. Strange that it worked by the label ;)