Unable to edit Sharepoint list item - Invalid date-time value

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I've run into a weird problem with one of my Sharepoint lists. When trying to edit any field in said list, I get the following error: Invalid date-time value.


The only "Date and time" columns in my list are the default Created and Modified columns. When I added these fields to the list view the dates are in the following format: 2022-10-27T09.09.14Z


I have added a new item to the list on 27.10.2022 and had no problems adding that, so this issue is pretty new. Other lists can be edited on the site just fine, and their Created/Modified Columns are displayed in a different format (Yesterday, May 9 etc..).


Any clues as to what could be causing this issue or how to fix it would be appreciated. I would've included pictures, but am unable to post them (probably because I've just signed up).


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