Unable to edit Sharepoint list item - Invalid date-time value

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I've run into a weird problem with one of my Sharepoint lists. When trying to edit any field in said list, I get the following error: Invalid date-time value.


The only "Date and time" columns in my list are the default Created and Modified columns. When I added these fields to the list view the dates are in the following format: 2022-10-27T09.09.14Z


I have added a new item to the list on 27.10.2022 and had no problems adding that, so this issue is pretty new. Other lists can be edited on the site just fine, and their Created/Modified Columns are displayed in a different format (Yesterday, May 9 etc..).


Any clues as to what could be causing this issue or how to fix it would be appreciated. I would've included pictures, but am unable to post them (probably because I've just signed up).


Thanks in advance,


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Hi There

Just wondering whether you figured out a fix for this as I'm experiencing the same.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately I still haven't figured out a fix for this issue. Some of the lists on my site work fine and others don't. A colleague of mine was able to make the edits necessary back in November, but the issue persists for me.

As far as I can tell there is no difference between the lists that work properly and the ones that don't. Hopefully there is someone out here that could help find a solution to this issue.




Has anyone found a fix to this Sharepoint list issue? I have been having the same issues since November 2022 and it is now February 2023 and still having the same issues with date entries randomly showing error messages for Error: Invalid date-time value.

@CBranch in my case this seems to be related to the automatic "Created" date column, it somehow fritzes out like this: 2022-09-14T10.03.50Z.


It does not seem to be possible to edit this column.

I have reported this issue to service health and linked this thread, hopefully something will come out of it.
Did you ever find a resolution? Users are experiencing this on 1 list after migrating from SP2013 to SharePoint Online.
I'm also getting this with a particular list when I try to update existing items. The list does not contain any date/time columns other than automatically generated ones.

This seems to come and go. I was just now able to finally update an item, after adding a new item to the list first.
Has the issue been fixed?
I'm experiencing the same problem.



This problem seems to still occur. We did some local troubleshooting and at least found a workaround - "Return to classic Sharepoint"-button in the bottom left corner of the list will take you to classic experience, where editing seems to be possible without the date/time values interrupting.

Something that we found out:
- Automatic date column "Modified" is causing the problem. When you edit a list item, you automatically input the modified date/time value in wrong format. You can find the error by scrolling up, after you've failed to edit the list item
--> Tried to change date/time settings from user settings, as well as Site settings and List settings, none of that worked.

- This happens randomly, but mainly to the same users with same local settings. For us, the issue occurs with a list that is edited by users from various time zones and with various date/time settings. 

- Sometimes closing browser/restarting PC has solved it, but not always