Trying to read "PnPUserProfileProperty -PropertyName "SPS-MUILanguages" "

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Our corporate Sharepoint site has some formatting issues when viewed with browsers that don't have the SPS-MUILanguages set as "en-US".  We have international users and when their browser uses the geo. local settings, this is where the problem starts if they are not within the US local.  Through a ticket to MS, I have learned I can change this using powershell with:
Set-PnPUserProfileProperty -Account $UserAccount -PropertyName "SPS-MUILanguages" -Values "en-US".

However, the MS tech said there is no way to "Get" this property's current setting.

My problem is, I need to set the current users to the en-US setting and have something that will continue to set new users to en-US.  I was going to write a PS script to iterate the users once a week and see if any were not set for en-US and change them.  Also, if I can see the current setting, I can see if my script is working or not.


Is there any way to see the current setting for this?




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I missed mentioning, doing this:
Get-PnPUserProfileProperty -Account $UserAccount -PropertyName "SPS-MUILanguages" | FL
Doesn't show the SPS-MUILanguages property.

Hi @Phil_L325 ,

I'm looking for the same and facing the exact same issue, did you find any workaround?




@TarikB495 I didn’t ever find the answer.  I’m not sure if our share point team change something on the pages.  This problem seemed to go away.