Trying to create Hello world using SharePoint Framework Extensions but no "allow manifest" message

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I am trying to create Hello World message using  SharePoint Framework Extensions but no "allow  manifest" message , nothing happen.


Using this example


Tried on mutiple office tenants and sites same issue 

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NO , On a normal SharePoint tenant but tried on Developer site and normal site

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AFAIK, you have to be on a development tenant

OK, I will try on development tanent and see if that works

Thanks it worked on developer tenant.

Well now I have another question

If I want to package app and want to roll out in production will it available to any tenant or right now only developer tenant supported.


Only Dev for now, it is not ready for production

the article that you linked to contains the following note at the top of the page:

Note: The SharePoint Framework Extensions are currently in preview and are subject to change. SharePoint Framework Extensions are not currently supported for use in production environments.

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