Troubleshooting web part loading

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Hi there, 

Can anyone offer some suggestions for troubleshooting an issue on a SharePoint site? A simple list with tabbed content and a calendar are located in the side bar of the portal's master template. It stopped loading on the master page/home page of the portal. 



  • Custom webparts won't load on home/master page of SharePoint portal (see before image)
  • Same webparts will load on all of the subsites (see after image) 
  • It doesn't matter which browser is used
  • The list is a "custom" built web part. It contains a tabbed quicklinks list and list dropdown. 
  • The calendar is a simple view of the out-of-the-box calendar 

Note: I am not a SharePoint developer. I am simply trying to fix an issue with my company's intranet.

Hope someone can offer some suggestions of what to look at? Am I missing any important information to help solve the issue?

Thank you! 


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