trigger instant code execution on modern list form submission. not flow which takes about a min

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i want to do some calculattion on few fields of a list and put the content into a field of the same list.

The calculate column does not work because it does not take lookup fields.


I wrote powershell to hide a single line of text field and then used flow to make the claculation on item created/modified and populate the value.


However, it is not instant have to wait for few seconds to get this.


What are the alternatives here to instantly trigger or append code on modern new for button submission.



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If you're talking about SharePoint Online and modern experience lists, I think you will want to go for PowerApps (either a PowerApps SharePoint form or a standalone PowerApp depending on your requirements).


With PowerApps you'll have access to the "OnChange" event for each field, after which you can run whatever calculations/lookups you need to run as the user fills out the form, then submit those values with the form.