Transition Web API to SharePoint Online

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Hi Community,


This is in relation to deploy solutions to SharePoint online. I have a product developed in MVC with Restful services built on top of Web API 2. I want to enable this product for the client however the client is suggesting to host this product inside SharePoint online.


I know there is a way to achieve it and that's through provider hosted apps where part will be hosted on Azure and used in SPO. The client does not recommend to go with provider hosted apps so i have to figure out a way to host the product inside SharePoint online other than provider hosted.


Looking forward to seek help from the community to guide me how to solve this problem and if i can deploy either of the web api or mvc web application without provider hosted apps.


Let me know if you need more details.




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@Tayyab Suhail There is no "hosting" of applications like this within SharePoint Online. Even provider-hosted apps are hosted on-premises or somewhere else (Azure). If by hosting you mean just showing in SharePoint, this can be done with just an IFrame (of course the user experience won't be great).

If your client is actually asking to host the application in SharePoint Online, this wouldn't be possible.