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Hi Guys,


I am looking for free training resources recommendations?





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@Jbrines1969 Can you be more specific about what type of training you are looking for? Topics?


Microsoft Learn is a great first step in Microsoft Technologies. Modules are normally linked to Certification Skill Measured and cover those topics well. The content is normally written by community experts, like MVPs and Microsoft Partners. Because of this, changes happen often, as technology gets updated.


Lots of MVPs and Partners keep personal blogs and offer videos series on specific technology.


YouTube has lots of great content, but is completely unregulated so the quality of the content varies greatly.


Hope you find what you are looking for!

Hi Don,

Many thanks, discovered Microsoft Leard yesterday as well.

I enrolled on a excel training sessions here at Albury, from this site I think they have free training courses. Try to visit their site.