there is no link of return to modern look on clicking return to classic look . need functionality

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In the modern O365 env, we find that there is a small link in the bottom left which says "Return to Classic SharePoint".

I have not found any link, in case you go to Classic mode.

So, i have found this link:


Now i want to put that on every page. I am not considering editing masterpage.

I want to put the js code to delete that particular cokkie entry from the browser on a link click which says To Modern Look. How do i achieve that?






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I gues you could technically implement it as the value is stored in a cookie using a jslink or something similar.

However I agree it should be here natively.

I was looking to add to the page using proviosning engine.


I was wondering if we could apply this similar to inject responsiveness for master page.



I know this is a super later reply, but Microsoft recently delivered that capability natively, you now have a bottom left corner link to return to the modern experience.