Text Web Part display issue while using both english and arabic texts in a sentence

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The Text web part is not displaying properly when arabic and english texts are used in the sentence.


For  example, This is the actual text. 


But the Text Web Part displays as follows. English words shows at the beginning of the text. Please suggest.





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@Sajith G H Hi, Have you solved this issue! I am facing the same one. Thanks



Are you using Arabic language (right to left) on your SharePoint site (regional/language settings) or on your system? If yes, I think you will not be able to change the RTL of the text with SharePoint default Text web part.

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What I did to solve this issue
Step 1:
Copy all text in text file
Step 2:
do whatever your format
Step 3:
Again copy your text file
Step 4:
Paste your copy text into text editor Web part