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I am new to SharePoint team modern site and need to understand a few issues.


Home page - I have set up my home page with template that I have produced myself, this looks how I want it to for now.


Sub Site page - So I have a few (50) sub sites to create and will be doing this via an HTTP flow which works fine, however as part of this I would like to use a different template for the sub site.  I have created said page and it is in the following:




However when I go into the following:




I can not see it there in the custom section of templates, however there is an old version that is not as pretty as my new page template.  How do I delete the old one and replace it with a new one in the custom section.  Or how do I get the new page into the custom section


I need to get the json term "WebTemplate" for the new template to use in the flow.











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