template extraction and provisioning of a Unified Group?

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Wondering if the Get-SPOProvisioningTemplate cmdlet can be used on UnifiedGroups? Personally running into an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object error

while trying to extract the group template.

It works if I pass the -Handlers attribute and export a partial set of artifacts (Lists, Fields, ContentTypes)


Futhermore would like to know if we can Apply Unfied group templates to other sites?


Finally, are there any plans to add options to create UnfiedGroups in the PnP Partner Partner along with options to save and apply templates to groups?



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I believe there are at least some new cmdlets ready to work with Groups...not sure about the Provisioning Engine...Adding @Vesa Juvonen @Paolo Pialorsi

thanks Juan Carlos, Mainly keen on knowing who modern team sites will be handled in PnP site provisioning going forward. And is there an path/track/ability to convert a classic team site to a modern unified group. Our clients are keen to understand this as they use the Partner pack at the moment. Look forward to @Vesa Juvonen or @Paolo Pialorsi reponses then

Quick comments on those, which can answer at this point.


  • We have specific methods in the PnP Core Component / PnP PowerShell to provision modern team sites
  • You can use remote provisioning templates from PnP with these sites starting from December release - a lot of capabilities though are skipped, since modern team sites have currently limitations, which you cannot address with APIs - no APIs for page manipulation and all of the modern sites have noscript setting enabled without possibility to disable it
  • We are looking on the "conversion" story in the SharePoint engineering - no conclusions or schedules for that at this point
  • PnP Partner Pack only supports classic sites for now - ETA for modern site support is during next quarter, since we need to have the needed APIs and models first clarified
Thanks, Vesa.
This info for the time being is very helpful!