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We want to implement an internal Sharepoint feedback solution. The idea is that a user can send feedback as a message to a dedicated Teams channel, via Graph API. We have this solution working already as an SPFx extension, messages showing up in the appropriat e Teams channel as they should.


Now here is the finicky part: for sake of feedback triage, we want to discuss the incoming message in the conversation started by that message. At the same time, we would like to keep this discussion internal to the dev team. We also don't want all users reading feedback from everybody else.



  1. Discuss in conversation started by user, without notifying user.

  2. Allowing users to send messages to channel, without read access to channel.

I don't know the appropriate tag for this, and it has possibly nothing to do with Graph. The alternative to sending channel messages is sending mail e.g. using Graph Mail.Send permission for application, with its own security caveats.


Do we have any valid approaches, or is this more like a feature request for MS Teams? Perhaps sending a HTTP request to MS Flow API, which can in turn send message to Teams channel?

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@mountBoom Add message to Teams channel using Administrator (System account) user account or as a Bot (if possible) instead of sending it with individual user account.


If needed you can include the sender user details in message itself. This way when you discuss in this conversation, user account will not be notified.

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