Taxonomy Picker for SPFX?

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I was looking for a full featured Taxonomy picker like the one on the moder experience on SP... There is something I can use, that integrates well with react?



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No samples yet with React, but that one (Likely you already know this) is a Taxonomy picker with knockout, and shouldn't be too hard to move to React:

Thanks for pointing me that direction. But I was looking for something different, Like the one already provided on the lists new experiece. that seems like a combination between the react picker and the old taxonomy picker modal...



just to confirm, and sorry if I ask something stupid, but, by "react" you mean ReactJS right? or you just mean the "type ahead" functionality?

Sorry for not being clear,,, No worries. yeah "ReactJS"

And when I said "react picker" I'm refering to the OfficeUIFabricReact component (

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then I'm afraid there's nothing yet (I haven't found it either). It'd be great if the Office Fabric UI team provide a Taxonomy picker react control :)
Recently released! (from a friend of mine), and looks really awesome (there's also a PR to the PnP, so I think will be merged in the April release)