Target Content Based on Security Groups

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Hi all, looking for advice on how best to acheive SharePoint content targeting based on Security Group Membership.


So a user is a member of multiple Groups and I want to be able to target content based on these groups. Audience Compilation in SharePoint Online is not an option as they are only compiled once a week and no way to trigger compilation.


So my thinking here is to populate a multivalued SharePoint Online user property with group memberships and then have a site column containing these groups so that a user can "tag" and announcement etc for that group.



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What about using Property Bags?

In what way?

How exactly do you plan to "surface" the content (without using audiences or item level permissions)?

Using CSWP with a query along the lines of this - ManangedProperty:{User.PropertyName}


Do not need to be concerned with permissions. It is more about delivering relevant content, so Item Level Permissions are not needed and Audience Compilation in SharePoint Online is only run once a week.