Switching problem between New SharePoint UI experience and classic UI O365 Sharepoint

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There is an issue I have found when switching “exit classic experience” to New UI experience from site content after if user tries to go to home page instead of directs to the home, user straighter way redirects to the pages library (My welcome page has set to the home.aspx which exists in pages library ) however new UI experience has been applied.

From pages library if user tries to go to the site home page, it stays the same page. If tries to go to site home page by another browser using Url, that also redirects to the pages library.

There is option to return to SharePoint classic, after clicking that option, classic UI applies and if user click on home button, user straighter a way directs to the home page.

My problem is why this user re-directs to the pages library in the New UI experience? I couldn’t find solution yet. Please help me on this.

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