Suchfunktion auf SharePoint und Teams

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In einigen Teams und SharePoint bei uns funktionieren die Suchfunktion nicht.

Sie liefert kein Ergebnis für z.B. eine vorhandene Datei.

Kennt jemand das Problem und die Lösung???

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@Hai Nguyen , 

any specifics on sharepoint and teams?

Are teams private or public? Are sharepoint have teams asotioated to them or no? Any specific sharepoint template may used in the ones were results are not seen?


Did you try to check O365 group settings for the associated team? 

Whey do have search settings in the object and some team templates has it turned off by default.



Thank you for your quick reponse.

Teams and Sharepoint are private. There are no special features with them. What should I check for O365 group settings? She seems to be okay.