Structural navigation link broken on Project Site

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We have SharePoint Server 2019/ Project Server 2019/with PWA 2019 on Premise system.

The Project site template is created using a “Save as Template” feature in classic experience to create a copy of a site, including its structure. 

We adjusted left navigation quick link menu for project site with Edit link (Drag and drop link here)

The links were just indented and moved up/down. No new URL added or changed during the navigation menu adjustment. screenshot attached


When a new project is created using a site template, we see 2 Project Detail page under navigation menu. the first Project Detail link on click goes outside the project into main Project center. The second Project Detail link takes to actual project detail page. The second Project Details link is outside the section and is added by the Project Server Project Site provisioning process. 


Screenshot for project site -> site setting -> navigation settings as shown below


Any suggestion on how to fix the site template to show one Project detail page with correct link or how do we update the navigation post creation site as the site is created through template? 

Any help on this issue is appreciated.

Thank you.


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Replacing indentation with spaces, created one Project Detail page with correct link. The only issue is, it resides outside the section.