Starting a "Citizen Developer" program?

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I have a funny question for all of you developers out there.


At my company the last of our SP developers left for greener pastures, (i.e. more money).  Management has come to the conclusion that we will contract out for serious development, and will rely on our own employees to handle their own quasi development needs for things like workflows and the like.


I have been tasked to start a Citizen Developer program and I have no idea how to start.  The goal is to get users to WANT to use things like Flow for basic stuff and Power Apps for the power users.    In the past the IT department did almost all of that kind of stuff, but now we have no resources any longer.  I've done some workflows through SPD, but I'm not even remotely a developer. 


We used to have a Sharepoint User Group at the company, and we even had good attendance at it for a couple years, but it dwindled away to where we finally cancelled it a few years ago.  I'm thinking that we model this kind of like that, and somehow try to convince people that they want to come and learn about Flow or Power Apps. 


The problem of course is that I'm not that great at either one of them.  Since I have zero desire to actually be a developer, (I've got more than enough on my plate as the SP Admin for 65 servers, O365 Global Admin for around 3,300 users, backup exchange admin, backup AD admin, etc.   I went to a free one day class on Flow and Power apps, but have done nothing with it since then because I haven't had time to play with it.


So I'm stuck trying to figure out how to motivate people in a very geographically diverse company to want to handle all of their own workflow needs.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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@Ted McLaughlinhey Ted. I've just come across your post from last year having searched for pretty much the same thing. We have O365 and Azure and a bunch of folks out in the business starting to push in to the self/citizen development world even to the point where some have gone out and bought PAYG Azure tenants to develop even though we have an EA tenant. 


how far did you get with your CD environment in the end? I'm curious as to how you went about getting it off the ground, supported the business and ensured the apps and services developed were properly owned and supported. 


I know I'm asking a lot but any guidance you're able to give I'd be grateful for. 





@Graham Rollerson @Ted McLaughlin Hi both, I saw your message about citizen developers and I'm in the same position at the moment. I'm wondering if you managed to proceed with the program, and have any resources to share?