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On the first part of the call today, there was a diagram we could download. Unfortunately, I had no audio at the time but I got the impresson is was referring to capturing subsite activity.  Now given the Office 365 Admin ->  Reports -> Usage -> SharePoint Activity and SharePoint Site Activity don't pin point the files or subsite  pages updated by users, this got my interest.  Is there any more detail on the diagram?



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Hi Daniel,


Apologies, not sure exactly to what you are referring. The recording is now available, have a look and perhaps that will clear up the confusion. Let us know if not and we'll try and get you sorted.



@Patrick Rodgers , I think I solved my 'confusuon.'   Anyway, I suspect what happened is one of my many open windows seems to have overlayed the Skype Office 2016 Desktop interface.  Given this window was showing content peviously authored by Vesa , I assumed it was part of the webinar as at the time I didn't have any audio.  Oh well, still might add a discussion on here to disucss how with Action links or whatever how  can capture us,er activity at sub site level.  Management like to know whether SharePoint user training tranlates into greater levels collaboration and content creation.