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ok so I'm missing something.


I'm not a powershell expert but usually I can muddle through it.


I have googled about a hundred different ways trying to figure out something that seems like it should be easy.  Use PowerShell to do stuff in SharePoint online.


I've installed management shells, packages, modules, etc.  Tried finding code online etc.


Eventually I have figured out that MS released something new last year which basically makes all scripts I can find on the internet useless... some are simple differences use SPO instead of SP... but seems like whole commands are gone?  For example GetFile?  When I list the commands I don't see this option?


Is there a simple concise location for information on how to use PowerShell today to Manage SharePoint and to do things?  For example I would like to be able to unlock files which erroneously say they are locked.




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@Mattw112  You can find all cmdlets for SharePoint online in the Microsoft support site.




In addition to that the SharePoint PnP cmdlets do many things that the regular cmdlets don't. These are also documented in the same place, different page.