SPO Override ECB (Edit Control Block)

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Single Document Library (not for entire site)

Allow: Edit XLSX file in Browser

Block: Download from all/any menu

Status: Tried many approaches (IRM too restrictive, blocking both edit & download)


Thoughts: hiding ECB (I would prefer to hide all menus from non-Admin users)


Roadblocks: out of ideas



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To date, I have tried many angles, including activating RMS (IRM) in O365 + SharePoint, and also enabling Access in Control in O365 + Azure. If I use either IRM or Access Control, it locks the files from download wonderfully...BUT it also blocks edit, which defeats the purpose altogether. I need some way of at least hiding the menus as a workaround. Any thoughts out there?


Another consideration is how I might apply digital file management to the templates in order to render them useless upon download. Trying to be creative in my approach, but I am not sure how to tackle it just yet.