SPFx with Bing Maps render empty divs

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I have SharePoint 2019, and I am trying to create a webpart that will display Bing Map, I tried this on a react app created using create-react-app, and it works fine. Then I took the code, and added it to SPFx, I am getting no errors, but the div that's supposed to render the map is empty.

Here's my code for the root component:

 return (
        <BingMap />


Then I have a utility function that'll load scripts when called:


const loadDynamicScript = (config, callback) => {
    const existingScript = document.getElementById(config.id);

    if (!existingScript) {
      const script = document.createElement('script');      
.src = config.link;
script.id = config.id;
.onload = () => { if (callback) callback(); }; } if (existingScript && callback) callback(); }; export default loadDynamicScript;


Then I have my BingMap component:


import * as React from 'react';
import scriptLoader from '../../utils/scriptLoader'

const config = {  
: 'bingmaps',
: 'https://www.bing.com/api/maps/mapcontrol?callback=GetMap&key=[mykey]' }

declare global { interface Window { Microsoft: any; GetMap: any } }window.Microsoft = window.Microsoft || {};window.GetMap = window.GetMap || {}; export default class BingMap extends React.Component<{}, {}> {
: any; GetMap = () => { new window.Microsoft.Maps.Map(this.myRef, { }); componentDidMount() {
.GetMap = this.GetMap;
(config, null) } render() { return ( <div ref={(myDiv) => { this.myRef = myDiv; }} className="map" ></div> ) } }


So when my component is mounted, it'll call the script loader, and load bing maps, and execute my callback function. This works in create-react-app, but in SPFx it's not, and I a not getting any errors in the console.


It generates this div:

enter image description here

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