Spfx webpart to show the list of all webparts

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Dear Experts,


I am struggling to fulfil my requirement is that, I need to create modern SharePoint client webpart (Spfx)

Which renders the list of all webpart, that exists in the current page.


Can anybody helps me out regarding he same.




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@Asesh Kumar Maity The easiest method would be to use PnPJs Client-side page functionality. Check out the section on "Find Controls"


@Beau Cameron 


Is this pnpjs abblicable to classic sharepoint page in online?

Means if I create a SPfx webpart using the pnp, is it valid in Classic SharePoint Page.



Hi @Asesh Kumar Maity 

no, you can't use in classic page.

btw, you can get all spfx webpart in a moder page using this method. 

It require PnP/PnPJs 

  public async GetAllWebpart(): Promise<any[]> {
    // page file
    const file = sp.web.getFileByServerRelativePath(this.context.pageContext.site.serverRequestPath);
    const page = await ClientSidePage.fromFile(file);

    const wpData: any[] = [];

    page.sections.forEach(section => {
      section.columns.forEach(column => {
        column.controls.forEach(control => {
          var wp = { text: control.data.webPartData.title, key: control.data.webPartData.instanceId };

    return wpData;