SPFX Webpart (react JS) not visible to users with read permission on the site

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I have created a SPFX webpart using React.JS, it's working fine but users with read permissions on the site are not able to view the webpart on the page.

As soon as I change the user permission from read to edit or higher permission then its visible to the user.

The page is published.

Any suggestion


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To me this sounds like you have some logic in your WebPart that requires the user to have more than Read-only permissions. This probably results in an exception ultimately causing the WebPart not being rendered.

Hi @Paul Pascha,


Yes, you are correct. I am fetching the list of sub sites and then looking for a specific sub site and then in the sub sites querying the site pages. 

I think this is the issue.


Thanks for helping me out. 

Cheers :)