SPFx Web part not available to install




I've created a web part, and installed it. It appears in the app catalog under "Apps for SharePoint".


It is available if I set:


"skipFeatureDeployment": true

However, if this is set:


"skipFeatureDeployment": false

The app is not available for installation on sites, or other site collections. It does not appear in "Site contents > Your Apps".


 Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?



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@Alan Trafford you can try to completely remove your app from app catalog and then, in the package-solution.json file, increment you package version and re-upload your app to the app catalog.

@Franck CornuThanks, I'll give it a try.

@Franck CornuAt the moment, I can't try your suggestion on the problematic web part. However, I did create a new web part using the Hello World example, and I was able to install this on different site collections. This make me think there is an issue with the original web part. I'm hoping I can test your solution in the next few days.

Hi @Franck Cornu


I've now have a chance to try your suggestion, and it worked.


Thanks for the help.

I have seen this happening before when the modal dialog to confirm deployment fails to display after the package file is uploaded to the catalog. If that is the case, simply select the app and press the option to Deploy from the ribbon.

@Alan Trafford can you remember if the modal dialog was displayed on the first attempt?

The solution from Franck will also work :)

Hi @Joel Rodrigues


Thanks for the alternative fix!


Yes, the modal did appear after each installation attempt. Whilst testing Franck's fix, I noticed that, after removing and reinstalling the web part, and before adding it to a specific site collection, that it was available on the site collection under "From Your Organisation". This was even after I had removed it from both recycle bins. This did not occur the first time after the version number was changed.