spfx vs tradition addin


spfx vs tradition addin, which one will microsoft support the most in the furture? thanks

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Clearly SPFx...AddIns are still supported, but Microsoft has not done any investments for years in the AddIns platform

Thanks Juan, you know where we can get the roadmap for spfx? I believe we still can't do these thing in spfx:


1. remote event receiver

2. applicationcustomizer is too weak, only top and bottom panel can be customize


SPFx should be the way to to replace SharePoint hosted add-in. Although there are still few scenario where add-in is still unavoidable:

  • Provider hosted add-ins where customisation can't be achieved by Client side.
  • App Only permissions.
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Ey Peter, my 2 cents here:
1. SPFx will not bring remote event receivers. You have to take a look at the possibilities that webhooks bring to you
2. You are right and here Microsoft has promised to provide more capabilities to SPFx extensions

Super thanks