SPFX vs Powerapps

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So I spent the last week looking at PowerApps. Someone needed an IPhone app to record some safety info at one of our locations. In the course of a week I was able to cobble together a nice app that let them record the info on their iPhones and save it to a sharepoint site , along with photos (thanks to Paul Culmsee).

I have also been working with SPFX since it was in preview and have developed production applications using that technology. These took anywhere from 5 months (when I was learning) to a few weeks, depending on the complexity.

Both these platforms are changing so quickly that a person could spend 40 hours a week just keeping up on the latest developments in the platforms.

Is there any guidance available on when to use which technology? Apart from time to develop (which PowerApps wins) there are other concerns (such as maintainability, ALM) which SPFX wins. And these platforms change so often that it’s impossible to know which platform is the right solution for a given problem at any point in time.

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