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Can someone flick me the link to this SPFx web part gallery site shown off recently.  






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Ooh, looks useful (unlike my post).

The updates showed on that webcast are not available yet, so I'd say that kind of webpart repository is not available yet either...
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It's available at   We're working to add more SPFx parts (and extensions!) over time.

Great thanks for the link, surprised it hasn't been promoted at all though I'm assuming that's because it's only new and developers are are only starting to release SPFx solutions, once the new comms sites are rolled-out for all I can see this being a great resource.

Hi Mike,

Are these developed by MS or partners ?

I can see it's all by partners so next question if I want to develop my own SPFx and add them to the list , how can I do that ?


You can find contact details with email from the about page at following location - Just send email to that address and we'll provide details on the following steps.