SPFx Site Feature?


Just have some findings to share regarding SPFx, after deploy the SPFx into App Catalog and include it into site, a new site feature has been identified as below:



Just out of curiosity, is this new SPFx actually provisioned by site feature activatation?

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Yes, that is correct. If you follow that tutorial you can find that your SPFx solution can provision assets that are also part of the feature. You can even find the feature within SPFx the config files (package-solution.json)



"features": [{
      "title": "asset-deployment-webpart-client-side-solution",
      "description": "asset-deployment-webpart-client-side-solution",
      "id": "523fe887-ced5-4036-b564-8dad5c6c6e24",
      "version": "",





Yes, they released a video a couple months back, Feature Provision is till one option.