SPFX sharepoint online webpart subscibe to list webhooks

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Hi all,
I would like to know if is possible to develop spfx Sharepoint online webpart with similar behaviour which is in standard SharePoint list (document library) view webpart for example - when data in underline list is updated web part is automatically updated without any page reload.
I know about this possible solutions:
1) query list in intervals and check for update
2) Use webhooks on list with combination with custom Azure Functions -> SignalR or something similar.

Is there any simple solution how for example sign for webhook directly in webpart.
Thank you.

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@Excal730 Hi, if your Web Parts are on the same page you can use "Dynamic Data"




Interesting hint about dynamic-data for some different scenario I have. But for current one List with data is just in background (not on same page :( )


@Beau Cameron nice this is exactly what I was looking for but unfortunately for List :( ... so at least I will put it to my tool-shelf for some other scenario.  :)

Will be something like this simple possible in future with Microsoft fluid? Scenarios which I have seen until now are more about multiple client connected directly .. not thought some DB/List

Any thoughts ? 

Ah, ya, I don't know when Subscriptions would become available for Lists and not Libraries. I don't think it will be a feature of Fluid Framework.

For what it's worth, I have done Option 2 - WebHooks to Azure Function to Socket.Io in my Web Parts before. So that is feasible.