spfx search - can I create a multiple filter web part which passes filters to search results webpart

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Details below:

I want a modern Sharepoint page to have multiple filters options, which I can create using react spfx web part.

The selected filters will be passed to search results web part which will show results on the same page.


Is this possible with spfx react webpart. 

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I think a great place to start would be the SPFx Modern Search Web Part sample on GitHub by @Franck Cornu. The sample includes a React web part with customizable filters and refiners, and also links to both a blog post and a PnP Web Cast which explains the solution in further detail.

@Thomas Berman. The shared URL/code is not exist. can you please alternative solution for same requirement.

I need to poll records from multiple lists and need to display on search result page. The search functionality should have multi columns filter as well.