SPFx Reading a Variable in from a SharePoint list

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Hello - I'm creating a custom SPfx Webpart. I'd like to read in some data from a Sharepoint list - I can do that. Issue I am running into is that some of that data includes variables. When it gets loaded it's being interpreted as literal strings.

For example if I hardcode this into my ts file it works fine, the ${styles.*} get loaded from the .scss file and it all works :


public render(): void {
    this.domElement.innerHTML = `<div class="${ styles.domsopTable }" id="myTable">
    <table id="${ styles.sopMenu }">
    <tr class="${ styles.sopR1 }">....</tr></table></div>`;}


The html generated looks like this:



When I change to read the table in from a SharePoint List it doesn't treat any of the variables ($styles.domsopTable}, ${styles.sopR1}) as variables - it just outputs them as strings.


   private _renderListAsync(): void {    
      if (Environment.type == EnvironmentType.SharePoint || 
               Environment.type == EnvironmentType.ClassicSharePoint) {
         .then((response) => {
    private _renderList(items: ISPList[]): void {
      let html: string = '';
      items.forEach((item: ISPList) => {
        html += `${item.Data}`;
      const listContainer: Element = this.domElement.querySelector('#myTable');
      listContainer.innerHTML = html;
  public render(): void {
        this.domElement.innerHTML = `<div class="${ styles.domsopTable }" id="myTable">Loading Data...</div>`;

And the html code generated looks like this:




I used this tutorial to load the data in from SharePoint List: https://www.spguides.com/retrieve-sharepoint-list-items-using-sharepoint-framework/



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@mpsmith Check the answer given on your below thread, it should help you: 

SPFx Reading a Variable in from a SharePoint list 

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