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I have a Sharepoint Framework webpart. Did some tests with the property pane using the default options (string, boolean, etc). Now I want to do some more advanced things. I want to use the "query builder" in the property pane (used in, for example, the classic content search webpart).


I know I can create custom property pane fields but I do not know how to make a query builder out of it.


Does someone have a suggestion?



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I tried some different options I'm heading the wrong direction. Can someone help me out?



@Pieter Veenstra 

No I have not seen this one before.

Thanks, I will have a look.

I got this one working. However de good old query builder is more user friendly and more monkey proof. Is there some possibility to use the query builder?

I would love to see more from SPFx on dynamic content builders like CSW.

there is still no sign of an equivalent to the excellent Content Search Webpart for SPFx. with the so use interactive query builder. I think we are still a way off that in maturing the technology.

I am really hoping to see something coming from Microsoft engineering on this as a first party spfx webpart. There is a lot of clever caching tech involved in making an equivalent to the CSW particularly in making the query builder work so quickly. They are best placed to do that.

So far I am surprised how few sample solutions have focused on search and dynaic content builders, as this is one of the big uses of webparts in intranets to provide data driven, dynamic content without coding and the CSW has been a huge asset for that. Replacing thousands of code lines.

but perhaps that is a next step.


Also of course the other great feature of the CSW is its dynamic formatting and we don't have a pattern for that yet in SPFx so we wait on the great and good to let slip a few ideas on that.