spfx field customizer not working

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I am trying to build a field customizer extension in SharePoint.  When I run the yeoman generator and do nothing else besides updating the serve.json file with the field name, it never runs.  No errors, no console messages, nothing.  


The list view customizer and Application Customizer both work fine.  Only the field customizer doesn't work for me.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if there are any files or logs you would want me to post.




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There is detailed guideline on how to build Field Customizer at below link. See if you were able to build that and it works. This will also help you to find what are you doing wrong.


@Rahul Suryawanshi 

Hi Rahul,


Thanks for the response.  I went through the tutorial and it isn't working for me.  I've attached the console output for chrome and the gulp log from vs code.  Field extensions were working for me a few weeks ago.  But the other odd part is that ListView and App Extensions still work.


Thanks for your help,


Just as an update, I went through all the tutorials again and the command extension is not working either.




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I also can't get an extension to load. It looks like others are also seeing this issue as well. I suggest moving this over to the sp-dev-docs GitHub to get help on dev related issues. 

Please add it to the issues list

@Beau Cameron  OK.  Thanks, I'll do that.  I guess I feel better it's not just me.