SPFx Extensions Examples with Angular JS (or) Angular 4

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to create a SPFx extension with Angular JS (or) Angular 4 framework to have the custom Top navigation rendered in SP Online by reading the navigation terms from Term Store.


I am not able to find any related examples in SPFx Extensions with Angular. Can i get any pointers for this.


Thanks for the support.



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Hi Bhana,

The reason there aren’t many examples is that angular currently has issues if you use the web part more than once on the same page. The answer will soon be Angular Elements but it’s still in preview. Andrew Connell’s blog covers it nicely at http://www.andrewconnell.com/blog/solve-the-sharepoint-framework-angular-challenge-with-angular-5-0-...

Hello Kevin,


Thanks for pointing me to this blog. 


Actually, we thought of developing a SPFx extension for custom top navigation using Angular in Modern page. So, I have to wait for Angular 5 and then take up this development activity. Otherwise, i can go ahead with React JS & SPFx extension. Can you please confirm if i am right?



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