SPFX: Event after all client-side web parts rendered?

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Is there an event that fires after all client-side web parts rendered? I want to manipulate the DOM after the Page finished rendering. 

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Can you describe a bit further what you are trying to do? Are you trying to manipulate the out of the box html that is generated by SharePoint? If so, I would avoid this. The DOM is not an API and you should avoid trying to modify it, especially in SharePoint Online where the HTML and CSS classes change almost monthly.

Hello Beau, thank you for answering! Well, your concern with the changing HTML and CSS is very reasoned. I want to write a Table of Contents web part that consolidates all H2 Headlines on an article page. By clicking on a TOC node the user should jump to an Anchor-Link that I added to the H2 Headlines before. The challange: How do I know, when all the client-side web parts got rendered, so I can start building up my TOC... Got it? :D 

Tricky tricky - probably the best way is to ask MS to render anchors with H2 tags bei default.