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Hi, all. First of all, how common is it to be building a dev environment directly in Windows vs a VM or in WSL? I keep thinking that WSL is where I shoudl be working?


Next, when setting up the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain (described here:, I get a ton of warnings and deprecation messages for each installation. Is there a more updated guide to walk me through this? Or a place to find out what new versions I should be installing? Surely, I should not need to fixing every one of these components manually?


Thanks in advance, guys. Appreciate it!



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Hi Charisma,

If you are talking about setting up your dev environment machine, then this link may be more suitable

Apologies if I got it wrong

@Joel Rodrigues Hi, Joel! I actually followed those instructions first, without issue. But these other tools are also recommended as helpful, "The SharePoint Framework toolchain is the set of build tools, framework packages, and other items that manage building and deploying your client-side projects." So, all related. I'm just wondering if there is a more recent conversation or doc where I can find the updated tools, because these all throw warnings and deprecation notices at me.


You shouldn't need to install those. What are you trying to achieve?

@Joel Rodrigues I don't have a goal other than installing what is needed to build web parts. These are described on the page as, "the set of build tools, framework packages, and other items that manage building and deploying your client-side projects." They are in groups: SharePoint Framework packages (I figured these were pretty essential or they wouldn't be listed here, and they involve some components I already believe to be pretty essential, such as the SharePoint generator and the workbench) and Common build tool packages, which I also see as things people probably use when they build this stuff. So, I am just asking, where can I find an updated version of this since the tools that they list here are all coming back with tons of warnings and deprecation notices when they are installed. But maybe the real question is: are people not using these anymore? And if not, what is a better resource for me to find the additional packages that may be needed when building out today's web parts and hosted solutions for SharePoint Online?

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Hi Charisma,

Ok so there is some confusion here. If you only need to create normal SharePoint framework projects, then you don't need to specifically install the resources on the link you provided.
Those tools are used by default when you create a new project using the yeoman generator. They are already in your project :)

Don't specifically install them, and if you did, you can delete and follow only the steps from the link I sent you. That link should have all the tools you need to get started.
Regarding the warnings when installing nom packages, you will see similar errors when you install the packages on a specific solution (for example a web part)
You can ignore them and don't try to fix the ones that are related to the packages used by default by SPFx as that may break your project.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions


@Joel Rodrigues You are awesome! Thank you for explaining this!! :D

Every SharePoint developer is awesome ☺️

You are very welcome, glad it was useful