SPFx breakpoints and debugging from Visual Studio Code

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Hello guys,


I am trying to find a way to debug my local SPFx workbench (react, typescript webpart) from Visual Studio Code instead from Chrome, but I could not find any guides on how to attach the Chrome to Visual Studio Code and hit a breakpoint. Are there any good guides on how to do it?


This may be something trivial, but I am new to the react-gulp-vs code world and in the past, it was relatively easy to debug javascript with Visual Studio and IExplorer and I am wondering if easy setup exists with Visual Studio Code as well.




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Hi Velin, It's possible to debug client side JS in VSC via Chrome Debugger protocol while executing accessing JS App in Chrome. There is an extension for this and nice description how it should work. Please check the link below

Thank you Andrew! I will see if I can configure it to work with the SPFx react webparts.

Quick update on this. @Andrew Koltyakov was right about the Debugger for Chrome, but I wanted to go one step further and create a guide.


I found very useful article here:


I also created one here:


Gist with the launch.json config here:


Please let me know if any issues.

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Quick update on this.


The Office Dev team just created more detailed guide here:




I have copied the launch.json, from the office dev article and VSCode dubug against hosted workbench. I do however, see mimified code in an exeception related to React; even with my break point set in the Render method.  Looking at 5 differences sharepoint debug release builds , Is the best approach to force a Debug release ?


Gulp --bundle

Then package the the debug solution /temp/deploy ( ?????) and add to the app catalogue. 

Thereafter, use Chrome-Dev tools debugger to see where the issue might be. In my case the web part works perfectly in Localhost workbench.

I know we need to be careful not bundle the map files etc in the final release. 



Any idea on how to configure VSCode to launch IE and debug SPFx solutions? The workbench doesn't work with the latest chrome update.