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I need to insert Application Insights javascript on every page on a site collection.

I've tried this sample https://github.com/pnp/sp-dev-fx-extensions/tree/master/samples/js-application-appinsights-advanced but seems to work only on page declared in serve.json

Any ideas what I am doing wrong ?

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@ssandu Did you deploy your SPFx extension solution to app catalog and added it to your site/site collection?


It should work after deployment. Check how to Deploy your extension to SharePoint 

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Yes I've uploaded to app catalog.
I've added an alert to see what is happening.
This is the issue:
Browse to home page - alert = true
Browse to a news page - alert = false
Refresh the news page - alert = true
Create a news page - alert = true (on createpage.aspx)
Save the page - alert= false
Refresh the page - alert = true.
Since we need to track those pages with Application Insights I don't think it's a corect behavior.
Thanks for reply