SPFX + Angular Elements - how to output items from angular package back to the webpart properties

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Dear community, 


I am currently evaluating SPFX with various frameworks. I have done a webpart in React and I am trying to redo the same webpart with Angular (SP 2019 development... I gave up on Vue.js). Besides the issue with Fabric UI, which is still not very comfortable, I was able to be close to the same functionality, but there is one step missing and as I am not too familiar with Angular Elements, I was hoping someone might help:

For saving the items of the webpart, I offer 2 choices via the property pane: either saving in a SharePoint-List or saving in the WebPart-Properties itself. This is pretty straighforward in React, but for the Angular-Elements version, I am wondering how the angular-elements-package can send information back to the SharePoint-WebPart, so the data can be saved to the properties pane?
In Angular itself this would work with @Output and EventEmitters to my knowledge, but you'd use [ ] to declare attributes as "Output" attributes, which is Angular specific and has no effect on the SharePoint-WebPart.

So my questions would be:
Is there anyone who has done this yet? Is this even possible? If yes, can anyone roughly list me the steps, that need to be done or maybe point me to any example out there?

Kind Regards and thanks already for reading this. :)

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