SPFx 1.15 listview extension issue

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Just tried to create a listview extension (commandset) and found out that the visibility of the button does not work as it used to in previous versions. I do not believe that the substitution of the event (from 

onListViewUpdated to listViewStateChangedEvent) is to blame, instead it gives me the impression that the .visible property of the command, does not work in 1.15
No need to post a sample code: One may try it with the code that results from the scuffolding - simply run it, and experiment by selecting and de-selecting a document in a document library. The visibility state of the "COMMAND_1" is not normal
Anyone else who has experienced this issue?
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@pothitos yes, Even with list it doesn't work with the scaffolded code. gor two items it command 1 renders but not for three