Specific folder monitoring through webhook

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We have an application where we want to monitor a certain folder on SharePoint for changes using our application.
Change can be either file created or updated.
The folder that I want to monitor is named “shivamtest” which is inside a site “Connect” under the list “Shared Documents”.
Sample URL: https://*****.sharepoint.com/:f:/r/sites/Connect/Shared%20Documents/shivamtest

Note: we do not want to monitor either or list as they can have a large number of changes. We want to monitor only the specific folder.

Sample Folders location:

1.       https://*****.sharepoint.com/:f:/r/sites/Connect/Shared%20Documents/shivamtest

2.       https://*****.sharepoint.com/:f:/r/sites/Connect/Shared%20Documents/folder1/shivamtest

3.       https://*****.sharepoint.com/:f:/r/sites/Connect/Shared%20Documents/folder1/folder2/shivamtest

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HI @Shivam_kumar 


If you want to subscribe for specific folder then you can just put one if the condition to the check the path